Rod ‘Kerrbox’ Kerr

Hi I’m Rod Kerr (Kerrbox) as the boys call me, former professional surfer on the WSL Tour for 9 years then moved on to becoming a Bondi Lifeguard . Been doing the job for over 20 years now and have been apart of reality TV program Bondi Rescue for the past 11 seasons. It’s been a real blast. I especially love helping people and having fun with a great bunch of guys!

Andrew ‘Harries’ Carroll

Hi, I’m Harries and I’ve been a Bondi Lifeguard for 20 years. I’m married and have two children. My son, Billy, will be riding the 12km Spring Cycle with me.

My hobbies are surfing, running and competing and I’m 4 time Australian open longboard winner.

Life to me is now about family, happiness, health and the crest of a wave.

Robbie McEwen

Former professional road racer and Tour de France legend. Robbie has over 120 wins in his 17 year professional career.

Robbie will ride in the 105km Bikebug Challenge Ride and meet and greet Bicycle NSW members at the Sydney Olympic Park Festival Finish.

“Spring Cycle is one of my favourite cycling events in Australia because it takes in so many iconic landmarks and introduces Sydney’s riders to the extensive network of bike paths throughout the country’s largest city”