Phil Liggett

Phil Liggett is a well-known professional cycling journalist and commentator who currently commentates on the Tour de France and bike races for ITV, NBC Sports and SBS. Liggett was a former amateur cyclist however after writing articles in cycling magazines, he instead saw a career in sports journalism.

Liggett began writing for the British Cycling Weekly magazine, where he wrote about the races he participated in. He then moved onto freelance work for The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and The Observer. He was then appointed Cycle Sport magazine international editor in 1997.

In his career, Liggett has reported on 15 Olympic Games and 44 Tours de France and has worked on all of the American Big Three networks: ABC, CBS and NBC. In Australia, Liggett is associated with SBS and has covered events such as Tour Down Under.

Liggett has written a number of books based on cycling including ‘Tour De France for Dummies’, ‘Tour de France’, ‘Fasted Man on Wheels. In Pursuit of Chris Boardman; and ‘Dancing on the Pedals: The Found Poetry of Phil Liggett, the Voice of Cycling’.

Liggett was inducted into the British Cycling Hall of Fame in 2009.