Shae Tye

Shae Tye, proudly 42 and mother of 2

With almost 40 years of avoiding any kind of exercise... my excess weight started to form, and after expecting shakes will shift the weight, I finally realised the only way to loose the kilos was to MOVE!

Giving myself a one year goal to loose 23kgs before my 40th, I set out on the footpath each morning, walking 5kms, which then built up to a jog, then running by the 4th month. Both of my parents have had triple bi-passes, so the hereditary heart issues have me at high risk. The impact of running didn't suit me, so I bought my first hybrid bike in March 2014, not having been on a bike since I was 16.  After completing an 8 week 'how to ride' course, my confidence grew, and I was riding safely on the roads, and making a new network of bike friends every Saturday morning as I joined local shop & club rides!  And the weight easily sweat off with my new bike addiction.

The upgrade to a road bike was inevitable! (Along with my love of lycra)  As my fitness quickly improved, I enjoyed the challenge of riding with the faster club groups, and tried a few race events and time trials.

Seeing too many of my friends in biking accidents had me slow down all together, and as a mother, all I want to do is ensure I am home healthy and not broken after every ride.  So these days I combine my love of riding with my best biking friends, and capture photos of the amazing Sydney outdoors, throughout all seasons, that we are so fortunate to live and breath as we ride.