How much does it cost to enter?

Click here for all Spring Cycle entry fees.


Can I enter on the day?

Yes, on the day registration will be available for the 10km ride, 16km ride  and the 50km ride. There are no registrations on the day for the 105km ride. If you choose to register on the day, please arrive at least 1 hour before the start of your ride. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you register online before 11 October 2017. Riders who register before the cut-off date receive a discounted entry and will have their ride number and information posted out to them before Spring Cycle.


Why do I have to provide my details to the Active registration platform?

We’re excited to be working with Active to deliver you an easy and secure registration site. Active is the platform used by many sporting events. We’ve got your security in mind and know that Active treats your information securely. Read more about their privacy assurances online here.

What is in my rider pack?

Your Spring Cycle Ride Packet will have your ride number and rider wristband. The ride number to be displayed at the front of your bike and the wristband to be worn on the day of the event.


Rider Pack Details

  • Rider Packs by Post – register before midnight on 31st of August to receive your Rider Pack by post.
  • Rider Packs by Pick-Up – register between Wednesday October 1 and midnight on Wednesday October 11 to collect your Rider Pack from the pre-paid registration tent at the start.
  • ALL ONLINE REGISTRATIONS CLOSE midnight Wednesday October 11.


What age is Child Entry?

Child Entry is available for all children under age 16 on event day. Unfortunately, children under 8 years old will not be allowed to ride in Spring Cycle independently on their own bicycle. However they are most welcome in a bay seat, trailer or connect via a tag-along or similar device.


Can a Child Entry ride alone? Is there a Parent/Guardian Consent Form?

Unfortunately, all children riding in the Spring Cycle must be accompanied by a paying adult. Please see Spring Cycle  Terms and Conditions.


What are the age restrictions for each ride?

Any children under the age of 8 are not allowed to ride independently in Spring Cycle. If the rider is aged 16 years or younger on the day of the ride they must be accompanied by a Parent / Guardian, as nominated at the time of registration. Please see Ride Options for specific information.


Why are there age restrictions?

Bicycle NSW has had to adjust the age restrictions due to safety priorities from the NSW Police and government authorities.

As a result of the recommendations, Bicycle NSW has made the decision to set age limits for independent riding for each ride:

  • 10km Sydney City Ride – 8 years and older;
  • 16km River Ride – 10 years and older
  • 50km Classic Ride – 12 years and older;
  • 105km Bikebug Challenge Ride – no children, 17 years and older.

The age restrictions only apply to participants riding independently, on their own bike, without any assistance by an adult. It does not apply to children who are positioned in a child seat on the back or front of an adult bike, are connected to your bike via a trailer, tag along or similar device. If your child will be riding with you in an ‘attached’ style, we welcome them to ride the Spring Cycle, and in fact KIDS RIDE FREE*.

We understand there will be children and parents disappointed by these age restrictions, and many children are advanced riders for their young age, however this decision has been made to secure the safety of all riders.

While Bicycle NSW would love to provide a ride enabling younger riders the freedom and thrill of riding independently over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Spring Cycle, we have had to take the recommendations of the NSW Police and Government authorities to obtain the necessary approvals to successfully hold the event.

We thank you for your understanding on this important issue and for supporting our commitment to everyone’s safety.


Why are there speed restrictions?

The ride is not a race, but a celebration of cycling. The most important part is to come out and enjoy the ride.


What if I can’t make the distance on the day?

We provide a Sweep Bus which follows each ride and can pick you up if you can’t manage to ride any further. The Sweep Bus will take you to the nearest public transport or major site so that you can make your way home from there or continue to the finish site to join in on all the fun and festival activities.


What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to carry at least one full water bottle (ideally two) to keep yourself hydrated. There are stops along the 16km, 50km and 105km route where you can fill up your water bottle and the major rest stop will also have food available for purchase. It is also recommended to carry some snacks with you. There are plenty of food outlets and market stalls at the Finish Site so make sure you bring some money with you to make the most of what’s on offer.


Am I insured when I am on the ride?

Spring Cycle participants are not covered by insurance by default. To ensure that you have Personal Accident and Public Liability cover, it is best to become a Bicycle NSW Member. Existing Bicycle NSW Members will be covered by their membership and receive a discount off their Spring Cycle entry fee.


What sort of bike do I need?

All routes use sealed roads and cycleways. Riders use mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, tandems, unicycles, recumbents – you name it! It is a ride for everyone so any bike will do! Please check our safety recommendations to be sure your bike is up to par! See our Event Terms & Conditions for exact details.


Can I ride a tandem? Is this 1 or 2 entries?

Yes, by all means! Tandems are welcome to ride in Spring Cycle. However, as a safety requirement for the ride, both riders must be registered.


Can I ride with my child in a trailer or child seat?

Yes, Spring Cycle is a family event for all. However, please make sure that your child is also a registered entrant in the event.


Can I ride an eBike in Spring Cycle?

Yes. Electric bikes are more than welcome to join in on Spring Cycle.


What happens if it rains on the day?

The Spring Cycle will go ahead come rain or shine!


What if I register and then become injured, or am unable to attend the event?

Unfortunately, Spring Cycle entries are not refundable.


Can I transfer my registration to another participant?

You can transfer your entry to someone else by logging in to your active account via Transfers can only be made till 31 August 2017.


What other terms should I be aware of?

Full BNSW & Active terms & conditions are available on the registration platform.


Bicycle NSW look forward to welcoming you and everyone to the 2017 Spring Cycle.