Rider Info

The Specific Details.

Registration Fees.

Registrations for the event are now closed.

Rider Packs and Postage.

For participants who registered before 3rd October 2022, and who are Sydney-based, will receive their rider packs in the post before the event. If you are in this group but your rider pack does not arrive, do not fear as you will be able to pick up a replacement bib and wristband at the start site in St. Leonard’s Park, North Sydney.

Please note, participants who register after 3rd October 2022 or live outside Sydney will need to collect their rider packs at the start site on the day of the event.

Ride Times.

Spring Cycle is a COVIDSafe event. The safety of all riders is paramount. We will be implementing a rolling start to ensure social distancing can be achieved at all times .

All riders are asked not to stop at the start line and to roll straight through it on each green light, adhering to road rules (including red lights at the start line).

Rolling Start Time


Start Location


50km Classic Ride (all riders must have left the start by 7:45am)

St Leonards Park, North Sydney


10km City Ride (all riders must have left the start by 9:00am)

St Leonards Park, North Sydney

Child Registrations.

A child is anyone 15 years or younger on the day of the ride and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as nominated at the time of registration. Children must be over the age of 8 to ride independently on their own bicycle.

The following age restrictions apply to the rides:


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