Rider Support

Supporting you on Event Day.

Ensuring every participant has a safe and enjoyable Spring Cycle 2022. 

CSM Sport and Entertainment is committed to a safe and fun Spring Cycle. To achieve this each ride is equipped with the following ride support during the event. 

Your Support Team.

Sweep Bus

A sweep bus will follow the ride to ensure that any riders who have difficulty completing the ride are given assistance.  If necessary, the sweep bus can transport riders to a nearby train station, rest stop or finish site.

Bike Mechanics

It is a good idea to have your bike checked by a bicycle mechanic before joining the Spring Cycle and bring a spare tube and bike pump along.  However, if you do find yourself with a flat tyre or get into some technical difficulty, our bike mechanics will be available to provide assistance.  Our bike mechanics will be stationed at the start, rest and finish sites. Our famous volunteer RIDE CREW will also be travelling along with the riders in case you break down along the way.

First Aid

First Aid officers will be available at the start, rest and finish sites to provide first aid care. There will also be mobile crews riding the event to help you throughout the ride if you require their assistance.

Volunteer Marshals

We place marshals at key junctions and turns to make sure that you are always on target to successfully complete your ride. Make sure you give them a wave, smile and thank you for the amazing support.


NSW Police Bicycle Unit

The NSW Police Bicycle Unit will be attending to help provide a safe environment for all participants.


Our Awesome Partners.