So, you would like to lend a hand?

This great event is only possible with the help of our amazing volunteers!

Volunteers are at the heart of Spring Cycle and bring the event to life. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all participants, a significant number of volunteers are required to assist on event day for Spring Cycle 2022 across a range of different roles.

We will be opening registrations very soon, if you are interested in volunteering please get in touch:

Please Note: There are limited volunteer positions available so please let us know as soon as possible if you are available to volunteer at this event

What is involved?

Group Volunteering opportunities available for your community, corporate or friendship group. Look after one whole area together. If Group Volunteering is of interest to you, please get in touch.

Benefits of Volunteering

It’s not just a warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you volunteer. Spring Cycle also provide some great benefits to help you, our volunteers, have an incredible event day. Some of these include:  

*Dependent on your volunteer role and location. All volunteers must seek approval from the volunteer managers first

Volunteer Roles Available.

Event Day Volunteer Roles.
Pre / Post Event Volunteer Roles.

Our Awesome Partners.