Want to Volunteer on the Spring Cycle?

Did you know over the past year 450 dedicated volunteers have volunteered for a total of approximately 3500 hours for Bicycle NSW!

Spring Cycle is the wonderful time of year when we see 350 volunteers showing their support for Bicycle NSW, cycling in Sydney and of course having a great day! Volunteers for Spring Cycle assist with anything and everything on the event day from putting up signage, to registration desk, to setting up event sites and of course cheering on the riders as they pedal their way to the finish line. Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of Bicycle NSW events and their enthusiasm and excitement to give back to the cycling community is contagious.


On that note we strongly encourage all of our members and supporters to get involved in the Spring Cycle volunteer team. If you yourself are cycling, perhaps it’s time to encourage your friends and family to volunteer as a course marshal to give you and the other riders a big cheer as you ride past. There are positions for young and old, cyclists and non cyclists and everyone in between.


As a volunteer you not only get to be part of a great day you will also receive;



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